Ambiguous x H e r e l i e s

We're going back to our rock roots in welcoming rock outfit H e r e l i e s of Los Angeles!

" Los Angeles-based band, H e r e l i e s have begun their fresh career in September of 2017 with recording their debut album entitled, infinite light // dark divides. The band chose to track their record at The Cottage with renowned producer, and guitarist of Saosin, Beau Burchell. "With this new album, we were finally able to realize the songs that we had written in a way that was completely satisfactory. I have never been so happy with the way our music has turned out! Put that together with the fact that these are, in my opinion, some of the best songs we've ever written. These songs are very emotional for us because every single note and lyric came straight from the hearts of the members of this band. We make ourselves vulnerable and let our emotions spill into these songs so that the fans can really get to know us as people through the art that we produce. That is what makes our music ours, and that is what carries the pulse

throughout infinite light // dark divides," says Vocalist/Guitarist Jaxson Moore. "