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Rivers+Suns is the brainchild of Jordan ‘Rivers’ Mautner.

With her rugged, vintage vocal styling, layered over folksy guitar, Rivers draws you in with her raw ability to lay everything on the table. She sings stories wrought with the pain of lost battles and unlucky draws with love. As a self-taught musician and vocalist, she communicates with beautifully unpolished and ruthless honesty. There is something universal and timeless about her music, and yet intimate, in a way that draws you in and never holds back.


Rivers+Suns has thrown themselves full-speed-ahead into the depths of the LA music scene over the course of 2017. They have been seen performing in local legends, The Viper Room and The Mint, as well as intimate dives. Their dedication and love for music primes them for success in any setting. 


They are currently in the studio, with release plans through the end of 2017, and into the new year. Rivers+Suns is a force to be reckoned with and not to be missed.


Managers _

Alexa Joan Rae


Todd Koval