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PLEXXAGLASS is genre enigmatic. Lead by singer-songwriter Alexxa Joan Rae, her music sounds like battle cries. 


The project's debut singles 'Lament en Route' and 'Liar' are brutally honest accounts of hatred and battles with mental illness. Fearlessly, ‘Resist’ takes on the Trump Administration with unapologetic lyrics and visuals from Actuality Films.


Joan Rae came equipped with her director’s hat for the final release of 2018. ‘Ana Thema’ is the story of a ghost who came to Alexxa in her dreams, asking her to tell her harrowing story of sexual abuse. Told with breathtaking choreography (Leila Zandy) in the age of #metoo— it is a story that is all too familiar. 


‘Dead-Eyed Monsters’ is an anthemic ballad expressing a distain for the regular 9-5 routine. Its poignant visual, again directed by Alexxa, warns of inevitably turning into the enemy. A nerd to the end-- it’s clear to anyone familiar, that the monster make-up was derived from a character of the ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ universe. 


PLEXXAGLASS owes most of its particular brand of weird to producer Kevin Billingslea (The Halo Studio, Maine). His collaboration with Rae has been pivotal to establishing a one-of-a-kind sound, leaving most unable to place it in a neat box. She refuses to slow down, refuses to stay quiet, and is more determined than ever to be heard.


PLEXXAGLASS Debuts Dead Eyed Monsters via Yay LA !

June 19, 2019

"Get to know the many shades of art-pop songstress PLEXXAGLASS in this music video retrospective."

PLEXXAGLASS Debuts video for Ana Thema via Ghetto Blaster!

January 31, 2019

“I was visited by a ghost, but not in the way you?d think; this wasn?t your traditional haunting. The #metoo movement was fresh on everyones’ minds." 

PLEXXAGLASS Debuts Animated Music Video for "Resist" exclusively on Buzzbands la !

April 24, 2018

Singer-songwriter Alexa Joan Rae — who makes art-pop under the moniker PLEXXAGLASS— grabs and twists a catch phrase from a certain reality television show in the new single “Resist.” As in: Mr. President, you’re fired. The “unabashedly anti-Trump” song, made with Maine-based producer Kevin Billingslea, “is a call to action for all minorities who oppose the current U.S. administration,” the songwriter says.

PLEXXAGLASS Playing Women Fuck Shit Up Fest in LA!

February 02, 2018

Stoked to announce that PLEXXAGLASS will be playing "Women Fuck Shit Up Fest" Presented by PLAG Presents on February 23rd at 8:30pm! 


Women Fuck Shit Up Fest uses music and art to bridge communities and raise awareness around social justice issues while aiming to CREATE A COMMUNITY OF WOMYN TO HONE THEIR POWER AND defy the feminine stereotype of “softness’. Our space is about diversity, equity and inclusion. We invite you to be empowered.

The 2018 benefeiciary is LA Center for Law and Justice.  Past beneficiaries include Alexandria House, Girls Rock Camp Alliance and Heart of Art Gallery. 

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