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Los Angeles-based band, H e r e l i e s have begun their fresh career in September of 2017 with recording their debut album entitled, infinite light // dark divides. The band chose to track their record at The Cottage with renowned producer, and guitarist of Saosin, Beau Burchell. "With this new album, we were finally able to realize the songs that we had written in a way that was completely satisfactory. I have never been so happy with the way our music has turned out! Put that together with the fact that these are, in my opinion, some of the best songs we've ever written. These songs are very emotional for us because every single note and lyric came straight from the hearts of the members of this band. We make ourselves vulnerable and let our emotions spill into these songs so that the fans can really get to know us as people through the art that we produce. That is what makes our music ours, and that is what carries the pulse throughout infinite light // dark divides," says Moore. 

H e r e l i e s have since begun playing shows all over SoCal. The band spent months recording a record they felt would do themselves justice. Pre-production started a year ago to hone in on, and sort, what would make the cut to bounce back and forth with Burchell. It was a rigorous process that was continuously interrupted with touring and sporadic shows up and down the western United States, and across the south, as well. "We've done a lot as a band in the past year and a half," says Tuppen. "It's funny how easy it is to freak out in the moment and stress about how long something may be taking in this fresh career, or how tough it is to get something we're so excited about off the ground. However, we remember that we've accomplished every goal that we’ve set out to achieve. With that in mind we're able to look back during our career and realize that we've been constructing something through sound that depicts us as a whole. With encouragement and hard work from Beau, and other industry professionals, we see that we've done ourselves a perfect justice . . . there's no reason to not get out there and kill it."

Their new album, infinite light // dark divides, out soon.

H e r e l i e s are endorsed by:

Ernie Ball - https://www.ernieball.com/artists
Music Man - http://www.music-man.com/
Intex Cables - http://www.intexcables.com/


Herelies Premieres "Sweet Talker" via Pure Grain Audio

August 24, 2018

Tons of stuff to come but for now, enjoy this new song, check out the previously-released “The Broken Mirror” video below, and follow the dudes online for updates.

Commenting exclusively on the new video and song’s meaning, the guys said: “This song is about a tumultuous relationships, this is definitely the poppiest song we’ve done before. At the same time it’s very much a call back to a lot of the bands that influenced us growing up.

Herelies debut new single "Sweet Talker" exclusively on Idobi Radio

July 24, 2018

Herelies debut their brand new single "Sweet Talker" exclusively on Idobi Radio! 


H e r e l i e s Debuts "The Broken Mirror" on The Noise!

April 05, 2018

"Calling all fans of Sleeping With Sirens, Too Close To Touch, and Picturesque! If you’re looking for a brand new band to fall head over heels for, look no further than Southern California outfit  H e r e l i e s. " - The Noise    

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